Vehicular Accident Videos


2-D Tractor-trailer rear end
2-D Tractor-trailer cut off #2
3-D Hit and Run
3-D Pedestrian Knock-Down
3-D Intersection - Red Light Run-Crash-Pedestrian Strike
3-D Intersection - Red Light Run-Crash-Van-Van
3-D Roadside Pedestrian Hit to avoid Tractor-Trailer
3-D Driver kinematics after rear-end collision
3-D U-Turn Crash Overlaid on Google Earth Scene
3-D Red Light Intersection Crash & 2 Pedestrians Struck
3-D U-Turn Crash on Rural 4 Lane Road
3-D Bus Crash - Occupant Knees Into Seatback
3-D Bicycle Front Wheel Into Drainage Grate
3-D Manhole Cover Into Vehicle Windshield
3-D Vehicle Strikes Open Manhole-Driver Response

3-D Left turning Bus Strikes Pedestrian

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 Last update: 05/14/2019